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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Fix All

Pizza + Wine + Bravo = good life. Is there anything better? Let me be real with you. This week I have been exhausted… my workout, eating, and life plans didn’t go as I thought they would.

photo (7)

The BF started a new job, which I am pumped for, don’t get me wrong, but  he is working a lot. I hate it, I’m trying not to be bitter about it, but I am. It’s Friday night and he will be at work until at least 8. There are some nights where I have some work to do after the normal working hours, but I think I may be better at communicating that to him. I feel like no matter how long you’ve been together, the communication always has to be worked on or rather, you have to give each other a break. It doesn’t help that I feel exhausted. Exhaustion + annoyance rarely ends well 😉 So now I’m drinking this:

photo 2 (2)

and watching this:

photo (8)

Oye. Trying to focus on the good things 🙂

QA: How has your week been? Better or worse than you thought? How do you turn your week around when you feel down?

WIAW [What I Ate Wednesday]: 7.18.2012

Good evening, all! Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

So here is what I had today to eat, however, a few things are missing: half of the eggs and 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 4-5 chocolate covered pretzels, a few pieces of pita chips, an apple, and a yogurt.

note to self: don’t come home and start making dinner while absolutely starving, you will eat chocolate covered pretzels ;D

Anywho! Here we go:


breakfast: egg whites with ketchup; 3 pieces of turkey bacon

lunch: roast beef wrap with lettuce, avocado, and mustard; Dannon Pure yogurt [so good]; chocolate covered pretzels

dinner: chicken fajitas; onions and peppers; avocado; cheese; lettuce

QA: What’d you eat today?

Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Man, did I make a good dinner tonight (if I have to say so myself!)!


Based off this recipe via Skinny Taste:

My only tweak to the recipe… I used ground turkey meat instead of sausage! Otherwise, followed it as detailed in the link.

QA: What’s your favorite new recipe?

Weekly Workouts: 7.15.2012

New week, and time to get back to the workout grind! Last week was pretty quiet on the workout front since I was recovering from vacation 😉



Workouts for the week:

Sunday Day 1 of couch-to-5k, 1 round of tabata (KB swings, pushups, squats with CB, crunches)
Monday Rest
Tuesday NROLFW, Stage 7 + Intervals
Wednesday Couch-to-5k + 2 rounds of tabata
Thursday NROLFW, Stage 7 + Intervals
Friday Couch-to-5k + 2 rounds of tabata
Saturday NROLFW, Stage 7 + Intervals

QA: How is your week looking workout wise?

It’s the Small Things.

Lately, I don’t feel like life could be much better… here are things that have brightened my life lately:

  • Coming home and my bf has done all the dishes and started laundry, without being asked.
  • Sunday night dinners that help to reconnect.

photo (4)

  • Making beautiful flower arrangements for a small amount of money (go TJ’s!).

photo (3)

  • Deep belly laughs.
  • Feeling like you made the right decision.
  • Having my lunch made.
  • Enjoying wine on my roof deck.
  • Feeling at peace with my career choice.
  • Beautiful sunsets.

photo (6)

  • Turkey bacon every day for breakfast (true story.).

photo (5)

QA: Tell me… why is life great?