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Monthly Archives: October 2012

5 years & a long weekend

Hi friends… how’s your week going? Just a warning, this is a long post.

5 Years

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 22nd. 5 years! I can’t even believe it, it’s been a crazy ride, and I cannot wait for the next year, and the big wedding day! We didn’t do gifts (good old wedding budget), but did cards, and my fiancé addressed it with what my new initials will be after the wedding. I can’t tell you how excited it made me to see that! Less than 1 year until I get to marry the best guy!


Saturday was filled with a work golf event, it was a beautiful day (calm before the storm), and I had the pleasure of riding around on the golf course with a coworker taking pictures.

golf course

That night, my best friend spent the night because her, her husband, and his brother were running the marine corp marathon, and since we live close to a metro, it worked perfectly! Sunday morning I woke up early, anticipating spectating for the race, and met my best friends parents to help them navigate downtown DC. I hadn’t planned to spend the whole day downtown, but got sucked into the marathon!

key bridge


Let me tell you, if you are need inspiration to workout, go watch a race. I can’t tell you how bad I have race fever now! I’ve spent the past 3 days looking into races, and I think I’m going to aim to do one in March or June. Hopefully (fingers crossed) my knee will feel good with all the strength training will help.

Sunday was pretty cold out, so once I got home, comfort food and clothes ensued. I decided to make homemade spaghetti sauce, and it was the perfect rainy day food. It had hot turkey Italian sausage, mushrooms, onion, crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, and lots of spices!

spaghetti sauce

Hurricane Sandy

My heart goes out to those who the storm ravaged. The devastation people are going through makes everything else so trivial. It reminds me to treasure the good in our lives, people mainly, and tell them you love them!

Monday and Tuesday were spent working at home, and my man was working at home too. It was pretty funny to be working home together, and very nice at the same time! Funny because we are jokesters and just end up laughing all the time! Tuesday we got out for an hour and enjoyed some sushi! It was a really great lunch date 🙂


This morning the skies had cleared and the storm had passed, leaving this beautiful morning.


I don’t ever get sick of our 20th floor view!

In other news…

I started the participating in the workout of the day, which I read about on Meals and Moves.  I completed Monday and Tuesday, and let me tell you… I haven’t felt my legs burn like this in a long time. I took a break today, because it was hard to sit at all! But I’m loving the workouts, and the different moves daily. Check it out if you want something new!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week!

My Life in Food Lately

Lately my life has included a lot of tasty foods! Thought I’d share, and hope to get some recipes up soon!









QA: What are the best foods you’ve been eating lately?!