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[homelife] DIY Coffee Mugs

Happy Wednesday to you!

I wanted to share with you all some DIY coffee mugs I made recently a long time ago. I actually bought the white mugs back in November, but finally got around to making them in February… sometimes I take my dear sweet time with crafting.



1. buy white mugs

2. create a design on paper (practice before making design on mug)

3. create design on mugs using sharpies (be careful and go slow)

4. let them dry and stick into oven at 350 degrees for 30 mins (on a baking sheet)

5. hand wash (only!)



[foodlife]: 4.8.2013 groceries & meals

happy monday! another week is upon us, and another week of groceries and meals.

here’s the grocery haul for the week:


[produce] 1. romaine lettuce  2. mixed arugula lettuce  3. fuji apples  4. roma tomatoes  5. 2 avocados  6. baby carrots  7. cucumber  8. cilantro  9. frozen strawberries  10. bananas


[dairy] 1. mozzarella cheese  2. four cheese mexican blend  3. 2 dozen eggs  4. crumbled goat cheese  5. skim ricotta cheese


[carbs] 1. peanut butter granola bars  2. quinoa  3. ezekial bread  4. whole wheat flour tortillas


[canned goods, etc.] 1. coffee  2. salsa  3. olives  4. pizza sauce  5. bacon bits  6. strawberry jam


[meat] 1. 7lbs of pork loin!

[meals for the week]

breakfast: [her] eggs & ekezial toast with butter and jam [him] smoothies & eggs

lunches: [her] mixed arugula lettuce, quinoa, goat cheese, craisins, pecans, and lite raspberry dressing  [him] romaine lettuce, bacon bits,  carrots, cucumber, olives, chicken, and dressing

snacks: [her] banana & justin’s chocolate almond butter [him] granola bars & apples

dinner:  [us] monday, crockpot pork carnitas; tuesday, leftovers; wednesday, stuffed shells; thursday, leftovers; friday, naan pizza

yum! lots of good food this week, per usual. life is too short to eat bad food 🙂