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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy weekend to you! Hope it’s filled with smiles and happiness, and some relaxation thrown in.

A few of my favorites from this week:

With our upcoming marriage, this piece hit home.

Need to book a hotel? Check out these tips first.

The next time your blood gets boiling, remember this.

Ha! If only the kiddos knew about these things!

Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

Life Lately

Hi, friends! How’s life been lately? We have had lots of changes since I last talked with you all.

[Wedding] We are close!! Less than 1.5 months away, and getting lots done. I feel oddly calm about it all, and everything that has to be done. I don’t know if I should feel more stressed, but I’m just not feeling it. I can’t thank my fiancé enough… he is SO helpful, completely manages tasks, and gets shizz done! Otherwise, we’re just working on decorations, gifts for bridal party, and other details. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle to meet my guy at the end.

[House] Since May, we have moved out of our rented apartment, into fiancé’s parents house for 2 months, purchased a home, and moved in! Wheeew. It’s been busy, and to be honest, a bit stressful. Now that we’re all moved in, which we did on my birthday (talk about a great present!!), we are getting settled and have figured out our routine. It feels SO great to be located near work, in an area with a great outdoor community, and lots of restaurants/shops nearby. We are hoping to stay in this place for about 6 – 7 years, if all goes according to plan 😉 It’s also been a lot of fun getting wonderful gifts from my bridal shower, and figuring out how we will decorate. We’re hoping to paint, and buy furniture once the wedding is over, but think we have enough on our plate until then.

[Workouts/Eats] I can’t talk about life lately without hitting on my workouts and eating. Up until May, I was working out consistently using various programs, and eating very clean (no gluten, sugar, not much dairy). I felt great, and was loving the progress I was seeing. Then we moved into Tim’s parents house, and I was eating much more liberally, and I enjoyed this break! Workouts were pretty good, and consistent during this time. Then we moved, I took a few weeks off working out and eating was rolling with the punches as we moved, and got settled. Since getting back into our routine, joining a new closer gym, and grocery shopping for ourselves again, I’ve found a good mix of healthy balance. I’m eating foods that make me feel good, give me energy, and that are tasty 😉 Workouts are not too focused, rather focusing on legs, arms, and a mix of interval/HIIT training. I workout best with a plan, but am going with the punches, and just trying to get to the finish line aka wedding, feeling great. I feel like I’m on track, so otherwise, I’m not stressing about working out/eating, just going with the flow and doing the best I can. I have been creating some delicious foods, and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of this bloggging thang and start positing them 😉

[Other] We’ve been able to do a lot of fun things this summer that include vacationing in Nags Head, NC and Portland, ME/Lake Sebago.

Nags Head & Lake Sebago

Thankfully, we have two more trips, our bachelor/bachelorette parties and our honeymoon! It’s shaping up to be a great 2013 🙂

What’s been new in your life?!