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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Things I’m Loving Lately

Hi friends, hope you are all having a great week! I wanted to share a couple things I’ve been digging lately, and that are are helping to calm my crazy mind with the wedding less than 3 weeks away (18 days to be exact Winking smile ).

1. Reading – Books I’ve read lately are:

[Another Piece of my Heart by Jane Green] This was a good easy read, and I really enjoyed the plot!

[Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein] I’m just starting this book, but overall, I really love her message (via twitter & her blog), so I think I’m going to love this book… and everyone can use a little more self-love!

[Divergent by Veronica Roth] I’ve been reading this book for quite a while and keep coming back. Overall, I like the plot, it’s interesting, and I’m curious about how the story will wrap up.

2 Cooking – I’ve been back in the kitchen since we’ve settled into our new condo!



[Italian Sausage + Peppers + Onions] This is one of my man’s favorite dinners, so Friday night I cooked these up! Delicious and easy Smile


[homemade pancakes + bacon + coffee] breakfast is one of my favorite parts of the day… then add in a beautiful day which we enjoyed by eating on our patio, perfection! I also made homemade pancakes which were (if I have to say so myself) out of this world, and pretty easy to make! Oh, and bacon, which makes the world go round…


[messy kitchen] I show my love by cooking, and I tend to make a mess while showing my love! Oh well, as long as the grub takes good, it’s worth the clean-up, which I usually get help from the fiancé doing anyway (he’s good like that)!

Well beyond reading and cooking, I’ve been prepping for OUR WEDDING! Can’t believe it’s so close, and seriously can’t wait to marry my guy. Only 2.5 weeks left as a ‘single lady’, craziness to think about!

Hope you are well & feeling loved!! xoxo