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Favorite Wedding Registry Items: Towels

Missed my list of my favorite wedding registry items? Check this post out. This post describes one of my favorite items with more detail, and why we love it.

Favorite Wedding Registry Items

When I started looking at towels, I knew I wanted nice, soft, fluffy towels, something I’d probably not purchase for myself. I also knew, based off my sister-in-law’s advice, that I wanted white. She made a point once saying how easy white towels were to clean because bleach can be used on them, and I remembered this when I was looking through the array of colored towels.


We were registered at Macy’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and William Sonoma, so I looked at their towels to start, and Macy’s had a wide selection that I liked. As I shared before, I did all of my registry online, so I based my selections heavily off reviews of which towels seemed the best.  I usually look for 4 stars and above, and I’ve used the Hotel Collection brand before, so I went ahead and went with it.


Thankfully, we did receive our full towel set, and… we love them! They are so soft, and shall I say, comforting?! I’m very glad with the choice we picked! How many of what kind did we register for… here’s what we got, and this I completely just guessed with:


Overall, this amount has worked well. If I would add anything, it might be more washcloths, if you use them to wash your face daily.

So… I think that covers towels. Did I miss anything?

QA: Are you as in love with soft, comfy towels as I am?

Favorite Wedding Registry Items

This post describes our method for building our wedding registry and what our favorite items thus far have been. I’ll be writing a post for each of our favorite items to give more detail as to why we selected it and love it. 


A friend of mine posted about her favorite wedding registry items which prompted me to post this (thanks for the tips, Ais!). When starting to plan out the registry, it can be overwhelming, and you can be unsure of what to add to your list. I felt that same way, and spent a few hours scouring over what Macy’s and Martha Stewart told me were the ‘musts’ for registries. I selected stores to build registry’s from that I knew had good after the wedding discounts (Macy’s gives you 20% off anything on your registry, Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) was 10% off, and William Sonoma was 10% off) and that I knew fit our style. Another benefit was that Macy’s often has sales, as does BBB, so I thought that was nice for those buying gifts. I’ll be honest and say that I did 100% of our registry online… I didn’t step foot in a store to make any decisions, which I think made the whole process a lot less stressful. When it came down to selecting items, I read reviews, asked others what their favorite things were, and if all else fails, you can always make a return if the item isn’t quite what you wanted. Long story short, this was how I built our registry:

1. Review registry guides and decide what is important to you… like this & this. If you never envision using china (insert: stemware, linen napkins, etc.), don’t register for it! There will be items people tell you are musts… but base your registry off your needs and what you’ll use! We did register for china because it was something I wanted, but I know many others who haven’t and don’t regret it. Choose what matters to you.

2. Choose which stores to register with… I chose the stores based off of places I already shopped, ones that had coupons, and that had ‘after the wedding’ discounts. The three stores  we selected (Macy’s, BBB, William Sonoma) had everything we could have possibly wanted/needed.

3. Adjust your registry as often as needed… I recall starting out with items, such as a large vacuum, but removing it and replacing it with a smaller wood vacuum because we moved into an all hardwood condo. The large expensive vacuum wouldn’t have been used often, and it seemed more practical to get a vacuum that would work in our new condo.

4. Wait until after the wedding to open and use gifts… I know this one is hard to do, and I did end up using one or two things before the wedding day, but about 95% gifts remained unopened/used until the wedding was over and we returned from our honeymoon. Reason being, once you receive all your gifts, you may want to return items to get something you really needed but didn’t receive or you might realize that you don’t really need an item you thought you did. For example, we ended up making some returns to Macy’s in order to get the pots & pans we really needed vs. the barware accessories that probably wouldn’t be used often.

At the end of the day, I’m pretty thrilled with the wonderful gifts we received from our registries, but there are are a few items that really stick out as my favorites thus far (I’ll continue to add to this list as gifts are used):

1. Towels

2. Duvet

3. Cast Iron Skillet

4. Silverware

5. Nespresso

6. Pots & Pans

7. Egg Pan

8. Knives

9. Kitchen Aid Mixer

10. Shelves

11. 8 Cup Food Processor

12. 2 & 4 Cup Pyrex

13. Wood Vacuum

14. Le Creuset Stoneware

QA: If you’ve done a gift registry before, what have been your favorite gifts? Or what would you recommend others put onto their registries?