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Plan Your Week: August 29

Hi, Friends! Hope you had a great weekend, and are ready to jump back into another week. I decided to help maintain accountability and consistency, I’m going to start sharing my plan for the upcoming week for meals and workouts. Hope this gives you some inspiration. I find that planning this out takes a portion of stress away from the week, maybe something new for you to try out if you currently don’t!

Plan Your Meals:

  • Breakfast: Smoothies or eggs
  • Lunch: Leftovers or salad
  • Dinners:
    • Monday – ground beef taco bowls
    • Tuesday – pork loin, veggie, quinoa
    • Wednesday – maple dijon chicken skillet
    • Thursday – spaghetti with zucchini noodles
    • Friday – homemade pizza

Plan Your Workouts:

My goal is to have three lifting sessions per week, and then to focus on being active in some capacity the other days.

  • Monday: Walk with A
  • Tuesday: Gym lifting session
  • Wednesday: Walk with A
  • Thursday: Gym lifting session
  • Friday: Walk with A
  • Saturday: Gym lifting session
  • Sunday: Walk/rest

How’s your week looking? Do you have your meals and workouts planned?


Water Your Plants

Do you get the urge to plant things when spring hits like I do? Every March/April when the weather starts easing up, I start thinking about what I can plant. This year I decided to plant two pots of lettuce. One pot has been growing great, the other one a little slower.


A few days ago, I realized I hadn’t watered my lettuce lately and the lettuce was looking a bit wilted. That evening I watered the plants. The next evening I looked out on the patio and notice the lettuce had already perked up, just from one watering!


The plant reminded me of life – and what in my life I need to water in order to experience growth. I tend to start projects, then just leave them hanging out there, for instance this blog! I love writing in this capacity (I’m an English major), but I don’t make time for it, even though it’d be a great outlet for me.

Seeing the plants perk up after one watering has motivated me to make time for the things in life that fuel me. What about you? Anything you’ve been ignoring that you should spend some time ‘watering’?

Thinking About…

Capsule wardrobes…

Lately (and it’s not only because I’m pregnant and nothing fits), when staring in at my closet, I just am overwhelmed and feeling like I have nothing to wear. Now, when looking at my closet, it seems quite the opposite! I have an abundance of clothes on 3 hanging racks and 4 shelves… yet, nothing to wear.

The idea of the capsule wardrobes or the uniform idea is really becoming intriguing to me, and with mommyhood on the way, simplicity is what I want. Currently, I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear often or ever, time to sell or get rid of. I want to majorly simplify my wardrobe, and when I have our little girl and am figuring out dressing in ‘normal’ clothes again, my goal will be simplicity!

My plan for the time being, simplify my maternity options… then after baby, when I start buying some new pieces, stick to neutrals which can be mixed and matched. I plan on creating a work uniform, wearing pretty much the same thing daily. I’ll also be decluttering my shoe situation, I have way too many I don’t wear!

I’ll take some pictures tonight of my current closet… won’t you join along on this adventure?

Here’s some good descriptions of the capsule wardrobe concept: Unfancy and Project 333.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

One of my favorite quotes as of late is this one:


Back in the early winter/spring, it was the help me one. The past few months, it’s been the thank you one.

I honestly feel so thankful it’s as though my heart could burst. Last night I finished reading Me Before You, and was crying because, well, read it and you’ll know why. Next to me was my husband, to which I snuggled up next to once I put the book down, and I kept tearing up a bit, well because he’s just great/amazing/loving/etc.

A lot of times I see other people’s stories and I think perfection. And I think some people may look at us and think the same, but what they haven’t seen is the peaks AND valleys. There’s been some tough days, the no talking fighting days. But now almost a year into marriage, I’m amazed at the beautifulness of it. It’s been both heart breaking and heart bursting. I think the biggest part is knowing this person you’ve committed to see’s all your shit. All the good, wonderful, bad, embarrassing, ugly parts.

Almost a year into marriage, there is no one I’d rather do life with. So when I don’t know what to pray when I’m bursting with thankfulness, I say thank you thank you thank you.

What are you thankful for today?

September Blogging Challenge + Proud Accomplishments

Long time, no blog! I miss it, honestly. Blogging helps me get my creative juices flowing… so figured joining a blog every day for September would help (via Girl Meets Life). Today’s post is about Something I’m Proud of Accomplishing Lately:

There are 2 things that happened this past weekend:

1) Painting: Last weekend my husband was out of town on a man trip, so being home, I figured I would paint our master bedroom & bathroom! I went with a Behr color called Burnished Metal, which let me tell you, was nearly impossible to pick. It is no joke when they say that there are 50 Shades of Grey… I had four colors on the wall for 2 days, and asked about 10 people, and ended up picking the color I liked the most originally. Grey is much trickier than I anticipated since each grey has a hidden hue associated with it. Anyway, upon picking a color, I wrangled up my mom, dad, and sister to torture help me paint (thanks family!). It ended up turning out fantastic, and I love it! Paint is such a great way to transform a room cheaply. Now all that is left for the bedroom is a headboard, bench, and some other minor stuff.

Painted Bedroom

2) Being trusting: Trusting can be hard for me, but I’ve been working on it a lot this year. This past weekend with my husband gone, and it was the first weekend in a long time where I felt fine, calm, and all that jazz. I used to get anxious, not sleep, and let my mind go crazy when he is away. The past 9 months, I’ve spent lots of time in prayer, and really focusing on my thoughts and how I let them shape my actions.  It didn’t hurt that while he was gone, he let me know he was thinking about me in lots of  little ways (he’s winning husband of the year 😉 ).  This marriage thing is a lot of give and take, and I’m thankful for a partner that gives a lot. Anywho — yay for learning to be calm, trusting, respectful, and loving (most of all). I kept thinking of a phrase I read out of the book Carry On, Warrior that says: What would love do? It makes a big difference in our thoughts and actions!

What is something you are proud of accomplishing lately? Let’s hear it! 

Quick & Dirty Workout

Hi, friends! So the other morning I had slept through my alarm, thus meaning I had a evening workout to do at the gym. When I arrived at the gym, it was packed (per usual in the evenings). I had intended to do a kettlebell workout, but with limited space in the free weight area, I abandoned my kettlebell workout. I made up this workout with the limited space and equipment (using both kettlebells and dumbbells) and I really loved it! Hope it can be of use to you as well.

fullbody workout2

**I am not a certified personal trainer, this is a workout I made up on my own. **

QA: Do you ever make up workouts on the go? I used to think I couldn’t make up workouts, but now I trust myself to give it a go!

How to Get Your Workout Mojo Back…

I had grand plans when the new year started, which included involving more yoga in my life and getting back on track with lifting weights…

Well on Jan 1 (not kidding) I came down with the flu and was down and out for a solid 4 days, this also happened during one of my busy times at work. The following week (Jan 7-13), I literally was working 12-14 hour days (no working out happened). And now this week is almost over, and I hit the gym once… and am down with a cold once again. I feel a bit discouraged about my dismal workout start to the new year. BUT… I’m determined to turn it around today and this weekend, and continue into next week.

Here’s what I’m hoping to get into the next 10 days, and that writing it down motivates me to keep it up:

Fri jog on treadmill – 30 minutes
Sat GPP Workout
Sun Power Yoga
Mon GPP Workout
Tues GPP Workout
Wed Yoga
Thurs GPP Workout
Fri Rest
Sat GPP Workout
Sun Power Yoga

Lastly, here are some of the things that motivate me when I’m trying to regroup on the workout front. Hope these help you too!


QA: Do you workout on Monday mornings or sleep in?

What are your all time favorite workout motivation tips?

When Wonderful Things Happen – Amazing Video

Wow. I saw this video today about a 90 yr old blogger… watch it and see if you don’t tear up. Made me think of my passed grandparents, who I miss dearly. But also, what an awesome and inspiring lady!

My two favorite lines:

When wonderful things happen, you should stop and acknowledge them. – so simple and so true!

I just hope I’ve made enough of an impact that they think of me fondly when I’m gone. – wow… 

Please go watch: and go hug someone you love!

Workout Slump

I’m in a full fledged workout slump… I last worked out Saturday, and have just felt exhausted since then in regards to working out, and bored somewhat.

Twitter proof:


I hate when I get into this feeling, and mornings have been impossible to get out of bed.

I pose a question to you, do you think it’s best to force yourself to go or to ‘restart’ the next morning? I’m leaning towards doing a little mini workout from my home, then restarting the real routine tomorrow. Thoughts?

For some reason in my head, it is hard to ‘restart’ in the middle of the week, but oh well, I’m doing it! Why not let ourselves restart no matter what day? I know personally I can be very rigid about routines, and structure, but I’m going to stay yes to restarting on Wednesday with gym and getting up early. As hard as it is to wake up, I think I feel so much better the rest of the day, and need to keep that in mind when I’m snuggled up in bed.

I also need to make sure I have a plan of sorts for the week. I struggle with making it to the gym when I don’t feel like I have a goal/plan. Time to change this, and plan better on Sundays for a successful week.

To help me get more committed the rest of this week and holiday season, I’ve picked out a new workout program: LiveFit! It’s free and lasts 12 weeks, and looking forward to giving it a go. I’ll keep track on the blog regarding how it goes and results.

What do you do when you feel like you’re in a workout slump/rut?

How I’m Tackling Thanksgiving

Hey there friends! How’s your week going? Do you have a short week like me? I’m working Mon – Wed, then off for Thurs & Fri. Looking forward to the 4 day weekend.

My thoughts on Thanksgiving are this: It is one day a year, enjoy it! I will work hard leading up to it to maintain my weight and overall healthy feeling, but the day of, I will enjoy all the great food. I really loved what Healthy Diva Eats said about it.

Pre- Thanksgiving Day

My non-expert advice: workout hard and eat clean!

This week I have been focused on eating well. For breakfast I’ve been having my usual 2 eggs and turkey bacon,  salads for lunch, dinner is leftovers, but keeping it all in moderation and balance! I have indulged in some office treats (can’t ignore a buttercream mini cupcake!), but overall focusing on eating foods that make me feel good.


I’ve also been pushing it this week with workouts, and trying to incorporate high-intensity workouts. Monday night I did a GPP workout cut in half with slight modifications:  (800 m row; 100 KB swings; omitted rope jumps and did 100 jumping jacks instead; 100 box jumps; 65 sit ups; 100 squats; 100 ab bridge jacks.


Let me tell you, this workout killed. I did the moves in 4 sets, in order to finish. I also realized that I was doing kettle bell swings wrong. womp womp. Lesson learned because my back is a tad bit sore. Time to work on technique! Also, when was the last time you did a real sit up? They are much harder than crunches! Try them!

Tonight I did an interval workout, and squeezed in some strength training. Tomorrow I’m participating in this GPP workout. Whatever your pre-turkey day workout, make it count!

My Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Day (and not feeling like you’re going to explode)

Squeeze in a workout: I plan on getting into the gym on Thursday morning to sweat! Even if it is just going for a walk with a family member, get up and move for at least 30 minutes. Personally, it will help me enjoy all the delicious foods and I just feel better overall with a workout, so why not do it on Thanksgiving day too! 🙂

Taste everything, eat nothing – Bethenny Frankel: I heard her say this when I saw her live and it has stuck with me. Have a small tablespoon of everything, but don’t go crazy on one thing in specific. And hey, if you want more, then get some!

Stop when you’re full: Good news, the food is not going anywhere, so when you get full feeling, stop! Take a break and drink some water, and know that there are leftovers if you want a little more later on in the day (I know I will).

Lose the guilt: Remember that Thanksgiving is one day a year, so enjoy it! Then when Friday hits, get back to the routine and healthy eating. One day of indulging won’t kill you.

QA: What are your holiday healthy living/eating techniques?