Music Monday


Music Monday! 1.30.2012

Wow. Can’t believe January is almost over! Where is 2012 going? Here are my four favorite songs of the day: 1. Gary Jules | Mad World [youtube=] 2. Bruno Mars | It Will Rain [youtube=] 3. Florence + the Machine…

Monday Music! 1.23.2012

Happy Monday Folks! 1. Rihanna | You Da One [youtube=] 2. Foster the People | Warrant [youtube=] 3. Passion Pit | Little Secrets [youtube=] 4. Maps | Valium in the Sunshine [youtube=]

Music Monday! 1.16.2012

1. Cider Sky | Northern Lights [youtube=] 2.  Kings of Convenience | I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (remix by Röyksopp) [youtube=] 3. Kate Nash | Nicest Thing [youtube=] 4. Flo Rida | Good Feeling [youtube=]  …

Music Monday!

Good morning, beautiful people :) Hope you’re all adjusting to getting back to work as I am. Here are 4 great songs to get your day going. Enjoy! 1. Peter Bjorn + John | Start to Melt [youtube=] 2. Michael…