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What we’re eating this week: 2.11.2018

Happy Sunday! Yesterday I took some time yesterday to plan out what we’ll be eating this week. Having a meal plan for the week really helps this busy mama to 2 little ones to not feel crazed about dinners. I’ll admit it… I’m type A – I love a good plan for the week!

At the start of 2018, I’ve been trying to help our family incorporate more plants into our diets and less meat and dairy. Why is that? Because you are never going to hurt your health eating more plants, in fact, science shows that eating more plants lowers risk of disease. Dairy, I believe, is an inflammatory food and can cause issues for some people. I have seen both my girls react to eating too much dairy, so I’m trying to move away from it being a part of our daily diet. You can never go wrong with eating more plants and having less inflammation in your body, so i’m trying to cook more in a way that supports this.

Meals for the week:

Sunday, 2/11/2018: Dinner out with family

Monday, 2/12/2018: 5 Ingredient Skillet Salmon from my very own blog!

Tuesday, 2/13/2018: Black Bean Burgers via Eat, Live, Run which I’m pairing with roasted potatoes and green beans. I made these years ago and loved them, so after checking my pantry and realizing I had two cans of black beans, and had hamburger buns in my freezer, this was perfect!

Wednesday, 2/14/2018: 30-Minute Cashew Alfredo via Minimalist Baker which I’m adding grilled chicken to and will roast some tomatoes and broccoli on the side.

Thursday, 2/15/2018: Leftovers, which is typical for us by the time Thursday rolls around 🙂

Friday, 2/16/2018: Pizza night! Vegan Amy’s pizza for me and regular pizza for Tim & Addie. A note on the vegan pizza… it’s amazing!! I actually don’t miss cheesy pizza one bit when eating it. Highly recommend if you are looking for a vegan option.

Saturday, 2/17/2018: Dinner out with friends in DC!

As for breakfast and lunches, we stick to our standbys: for breakfast, we usually do smoothies, eggs, toast with avocado, and on weekends get a little crazy with pancakes or omelettes and a side of bacon. Lunches are usually some type of bowl with food I prepped earlier in the week, soups, or a sandwich, hubby does his salads, and Addie is a mixture of whatever we have in the fridge! I try to keep breakfast and lunches easy and just make sure we have the basics to throw different meals together.

Hope you all have a great week!

Thinking About…

Capsule wardrobes…

Lately (and it’s not only because I’m pregnant and nothing fits), when staring in at my closet, I just am overwhelmed and feeling like I have nothing to wear. Now, when looking at my closet, it seems quite the opposite! I have an abundance of clothes on 3 hanging racks and 4 shelves… yet, nothing to wear.

The idea of the capsule wardrobes or the uniform idea is really becoming intriguing to me, and with mommyhood on the way, simplicity is what I want. Currently, I have a lot of clothes I don’t wear often or ever, time to sell or get rid of. I want to majorly simplify my wardrobe, and when I have our little girl and am figuring out dressing in ‘normal’ clothes again, my goal will be simplicity!

My plan for the time being, simplify my maternity options… then after baby, when I start buying some new pieces, stick to neutrals which can be mixed and matched. I plan on creating a work uniform, wearing pretty much the same thing daily. I’ll also be decluttering my shoe situation, I have way too many I don’t wear!

I’ll take some pictures tonight of my current closet… won’t you join along on this adventure?

Here’s some good descriptions of the capsule wardrobe concept: Unfancy and Project 333.

A great weekend and a meal plan.

Welp, the weekend is now behind us, and ours was really productive! I’m glad we got some house stuff done with the start of the new year.


Homemade Pizza | Tidbits for Today

We had work, then came home to make homemade pizza, watch football (him) and blog (her). I love cooking/baking, and making pizza on Fridays has become a fun tradition in our house. The dough I made this time was awesome, and instead of using my mixer I did it in a bowl. I actually really liked making it in the bowl, and felt like the dough had a great consistency. While the husband watched the cotton bowl, I drank some wine, blogged, and slept! It’s really hard to stay awake past 11pm most nights.


We did stuff around the house after sleeping in until 930am! I had to drop off stuff at UPS and pick up a few groceries at Harris Teeter. Later in the day, we had a baby shower, which I used this awesome wrapping paper for! I found this at Marshall’s and I love it.

Wrapping Paper | Tidbits for Today

After the shower, we had a crazy night…. I kid, I worked on our 2nd bedroom. I spent about 5 hours total this weekend going through our 2nd bedroom that was full of old paperwork, bins of who knows what, and just stuff that needed to be purged, which I completed Saturday evening. I started a new box for goodwill, organized our paperwork into filing bins, and the room looks 1 million times better in my opinion.

photo (7)

While finishing the 2nd bedroom, I watched the documentary knife over forks. It was interesting… I find food theories hard though because you can find research that backs up both those who say you should eat meat and those who say you shouldn’t… what is the right way? No idea, but I think you should eat what makes you feel best.


I also put away our Christmas decorations, and while doing that, reorganized our closet by getting rid of shoes boxes I had kept, so now my shoes are just on shelves vs. in the boxes. Our fridge also stopped producing water on Tuesday, and yesterday we had a technician come look at it. He informed us that a pipe was frozen underneath the fridge, so we could either take everything out of the fridge, turn it off, and let it thaw (free) or have them do something to fix it ($200). We opted for the free route, which took about 10 hours total, and the water is now dispensing again! The bonus, we got to do a deep fridge cleaning! A nice way to start off the year 🙂

photo (8)

The rest of Sunday was split an order of hunan chicken + dumplings for dinner, and hung around watching football.

Weekly Meal Plan

I’m trying to start grocery shopping in the middle of the week, which I think will also in turn leave us more prepared for weekend eating. This was our first week, and so far it went well. Here’s what we planned to eat Thursday – Wednesday:

Meal Plan | Tidbits for Today

Hope you have a great full week back to work!

QA: How was your weekend? Do you typically meal plan? Which days do you grocery shop?

Every Morning I….

Hello, friends! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine has been pretty good, but my stomach has been feeling funky, so that’s annoying!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about morning routines. Mostly because I’ve been having issues getting settled into one that works, and that I’m not rushing around like a mad woman. I think I may have figured out what works for me though… practice makes perfect, right? 😉

This is what the routine that works looks like:

1.First alarm goes off





2. Snooze goes off, 15 minutes later, and boyfriend is done with bathroom by around 7am, which is my cue to get moving

3. Start coffee and get straight into the shower (no checking blogs, email, etc. before showering… or else I get distracted)

4. Fix hair (blow dry, straighten), make up (concealer, foundation, blush, mascara), and fix breakfast

5. Eat breakfast, read some blogs, check email

6. Get dressed, pack work bag, and head out the door by 825am the latest

Helpful tidbits: packing lunch and picking out work clothes the night before is VERY helpful. Otherwise, add 15 minutes to this schedule!



2 eggs + banana + almond butter

I was going to do some avocado, but it wasn’t ripe! 🙁 bummer. Hopefully tomorrow it will be good to go.



TJ’s Jalapeno Chicken Sausage + Roasted Broccoli/Brussels Sprouts



Veggie Pizza with Bacon Bits

Now, onto new purchases that I received yesterday and today!!! I can’t express how excited I am 😉 Does anyone else get more excited for workout clothes, than regular clothing… I do.


New compression shorts, a workout shirt, and my VIBRAMS! Confession: Since receiving my Vibrams, I’ve worn them as much as possible (only walking, and mostly around the house), but they are so COMFY. If you’ve been debating to purchase them or not, do it! I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long… One more pic for my your viewing pleasure.


New workout clothing is one of the best motivators for me… so I’ll be getting crazy in the gym this week 😉

QA: what’s your morning routine? what makes your routine work so well for you? What is your biggest motivator to workout? Would you rather buy workout clothes or regular clothes?

Celebrating 19 Years!

Hi there, friends! I hope you’re all having a great weekend so far, as I am.

Today has been filled with lots of delicious food. I was able to sleep in until 9ish, which felt great, then made some of these:


I could only eat half (thankfully) because it was quite sweet and filling, but perfect for a Saturday!

After breakfast the BF and I headed to Trader Joe’s for groceries, which luckily they had everything I needed 🙂 We just had to make a pit stop at Harris Teet for beer. Once home, I set to cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom (including the fridge), vacuuming, and running to CVS to pick up a few things. Once this was all done, it was 3pmish, and I had to get ready for my sister’s birthday!

This little lassie turned 19 recently and we had a delicious dinner!

** Happy Birthday, Megs!! Love you to the moon and back **


Dinner included shrimp, rice, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls! YUM. I tried a little bit of everything, but saved some room for the amazing dessert that was in store:




HELLO… this was the MOST AMAZING PIE!!! Way to go, Wegmans!

We also watched some home videos tonight with the family and omg – they were so cute and fun 🙂 I love seeing myself as a little tyke!

Now it’s time for some ‘Revenge’ with the BF …



Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Relaxation + Busyness = Perfect Weekend!

Hello friends!

I had an exciting and fun weekend, that had a little bit of relaxation and busyness: the perfect combo!

Friday:  Worked all day, then went for a run with the BF, which was hard, but good! We don’t normally go running together because he has a much faster pace than me, but I thought it would be a good challenge, and it was. I think that i’d like to do it once a week to help me work on my speed, plus it was dark out, so I felt a safer having him with me.

Later that night, we went to a bar called Spider Kelly’s in Arlington for a friend’s birthday. We got a good seat towards the back of the bar, which was good because the rest of the bar was so packed you could hardly move. I’ve realized that those kinds of bars are not my favorites anymore (too many people = not being able to move; people looking for their life mates = annoying at a bar). So we hung around until about 12, then headed home.

Saturday: Woke up at 8am (earlier than I wanted on Saturday), and got a start on the long to do list we had to accomplish! It included doing a serious cleaning of the apt, groceries, nails to hang pictures + hanging pictures, CVS trip, and eating sushi! Call out to the BF: Thanks for being the best teammate ever and always making chores/errands a million times easier/better. Seriously. He helped me clean the whole house, took me to lunch, went grocery shopping with me, hung pictures, and much more.

It was a busy busy day, but it was followed by a 40th anniversary dinner for the BF’s parents! His family came to our place first to check out our new furniture and set up, then we went to dinner at Willow in Arlington (this was delicious). Great day/night!

Sunday:  Slept in (much-needed) and had delicious steak and eggs for breakfast with some leftovers from dinner the night before. We also started watching:

Great show!! I would recommend watching it also, and it’s up to date on Comcast On Demand! We completed four episodes yesterday, and I’m sure we’ll be finishing the rest this following week! After a morning of lounging, we heading to the BFs sister’s house, to hanging with her kiddos!

Great weekend, if I must say so myself 🙂

Question of the day: What was the most enjoyable part of your weekend?