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Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Man, did I make a good dinner tonight (if I have to say so myself!)!


Based off this recipe via Skinny Taste:

My only tweak to the recipe… I used ground turkey meat instead of sausage! Otherwise, followed it as detailed in the link.

QA: What’s your favorite new recipe?

Italian Salsa & Pork Chops

Sometimes you just don’t have much in your fridge/freezer. This is one of those times. This is also a time when I decided to make up a recipe, and it turned out really good. Thank you Italian genes for pulling me through and coming up with an Italian salsa (of sorts). 


As I put my ingredients into the pan, it started to smoke. I have this very natural fear of fire, and every time a pan starts to smoke because I haven’t properly cleaned the grease off it, I get anxiety. So first I turn the burner back off and pull the pan off stove. I make sure it’s just grease burning off, then I grab a salt shaker and prepare to dump it on the burner, then I curse myself for not having bought a fire extinguisher yet! I can’t handle the anxiety any longer. Extinguisher is being bought this weekend if it’s the last thing I do. The pan goes back onto the stove and cooks.


While ingredients are cooking on the stove, pork chops are drenched in basting oil, and stuck into the oven. Like my countertops? me too… not. Can’t wait to go Young House Love on a house I own.


While the chops are cooking, you try to not eat the delectableness in the pan on the stove. I couldn’t stop nibbling on it… SO GOOD. I could have eaten a whole bowl of just that, but I didn’t.


I took the ingredients and carefully spooned it over the perfectly cooked pork chop. If you’ve ever cooked pork, you probably know that pork is so temperamental! That stuff will over cook in a matter of seconds, and luckily I took it out of the oven seconds before it over cooked.





  • 1tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 3 tbsp bacon bits
  • 2 tbsp sundried tomatoes
  • chopped garlic
  • pinch s + p
  • 2 pork chops
  • basting oil
  • 2 sprinkles of parmesan cheese
  1. Turn oven to 350
  2. Warm olive oil in large frying pan on medium
  3. Once oil is warm, place diced onions and peppers, bacon bits, sundried tomatoes, chopped garlic, pinch of s+p into frying pan (creating Italian Salsa)
  4. Let cook until vegetables become soft, continually stirring
  5. In the meantime, pour a small amount of basting oil in the bottom of a 8×8 baking dish, place pork chops on top of basting oil, and pour more basting oil on top of pork chops
  6. Cook pork chops for 30 minutes (this depends on thickness and size of pork chops)
  7. Take pork chops out of the oven when done, and top with Italian Salsa
  8. Mangia, Mangia!!

Weekly Workouts: 1/16/2012-1/22/2012

Hi, friends! Hope you had a nice MLK day whether you were at work or not! I did have to work today, but my lovely other half took care of laundry, grocery shopping and made an amazing dinner with homemade salsa! I got it gooood 🙂

I saw this posted on Katelyn’s page and loved it:


I loved it so much I printed it out and posted it on my fridge! Just a thought for the day 😉

Onto the workouts for the week:

Monday Interval Workout with Strength
Tuesday Running
Wednesday Kickboxing
Thursday Running
Friday Yoga/Stretching
Saturday Weekend workout or Sexy Leg Workout
Sunday Yoga/Stretching/Rest

Eats for today (sorry I sucked at taking pictures today):

  • Breakfast: kashi cereal that wasn’t very good
  • Snack 1: plain greek yogurt w/ honey and frozen berries
  • Lunch: California salad minus the gouda + homemade butternut squash


  • Snack 2: peanuts + 2 small apples + cheese stick
  • Dinner: 2 chicken tacos + fresh salsa + 5ish tortilla chips
  • Dessert: 10ish chocolate chips

Hope you have a nice evening!!

The Most Amazing Socks.

Good evening, friends!

Hope you’re having a great evening! After work tonight I headed to the gym and did an interval run that was quite difficult, and a few other moves (squats, sumo squats, sit ups, leg ups, push ups). Good stuff! I left the gym feeling exhausted and sweaty, just the way I like it after a workout!

I was wearing these socks today to walk to work and to workout, thus why I’m rocking the dress pants with them. SO HAWT!


In all seriousness, I got these socks from a Potomac River Running store. They are called ‘Feetures Ultra Light Cushion’ and I’m seriously in love. They are so comfy and they compress your feet (or that’s how it feels). Go buy them if you like your feet to feel compressed like I do! 😉

Onto dinner, featuring Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry sauce (you might have seen me tweeting about it).


Wow, this stuff is delicious!! And this was probably one of the quickest dinners I’ve thrown together. When I got home from work, the BF had cut up two chicken breasts, so I cooked those up in a frying pan. In the meantime, in a large sauce pan I was cooking some stir fry veggies on high with some oil. So once the chicken and the veggies were cooked thoroughly, I simply mixed them together and dumped this sauce onto it. YUUUUM and this meal only took about 15 minutes. loves it. This will be repeated in the future.

Alright, time to spend some quality time with the most handsome man in Virginia! New NBC shows are on 🙂 and a glass of wine sounds delicious.

Have a good night!