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Big News!

Guess what?! I’m doing a marathon! Part of me must be cray crazy, but the other part, is super excited. I’m doing the training with Team in Training (TNT), which raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, so if anything, as I’m running through the 26th mile wanting to faint, I will remember that I’m helping people, and that is worthwhile!

The race is the Rock ‘n Roll USA Nation’s Capital Marathon…I can’t wait to run around DC. One of my favorite parts about living in DC for 1 month was running around the monuments, there isn’t much else like it. I’ll keep you guys updated as I suffer prepare! (pic source)


In other news, sorry it’s been soo long, more updates to keep coming! Have a great Sunday evening 🙂 Go Pats!!

Question- what races are you doing?