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Every Morning I….

Hello, friends! How’s your Tuesday going? Mine has been pretty good, but my stomach has been feeling funky, so that’s annoying!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about morning routines. Mostly because I’ve been having issues getting settled into one that works, and that I’m not rushing around like a mad woman. I think I may have figured out what works for me though… practice makes perfect, right? 😉

This is what the routine that works looks like:

1.First alarm goes off





2. Snooze goes off, 15 minutes later, and boyfriend is done with bathroom by around 7am, which is my cue to get moving

3. Start coffee and get straight into the shower (no checking blogs, email, etc. before showering… or else I get distracted)

4. Fix hair (blow dry, straighten), make up (concealer, foundation, blush, mascara), and fix breakfast

5. Eat breakfast, read some blogs, check email

6. Get dressed, pack work bag, and head out the door by 825am the latest

Helpful tidbits: packing lunch and picking out work clothes the night before is VERY helpful. Otherwise, add 15 minutes to this schedule!



2 eggs + banana + almond butter

I was going to do some avocado, but it wasn’t ripe! 🙁 bummer. Hopefully tomorrow it will be good to go.



TJ’s Jalapeno Chicken Sausage + Roasted Broccoli/Brussels Sprouts



Veggie Pizza with Bacon Bits

Now, onto new purchases that I received yesterday and today!!! I can’t express how excited I am 😉 Does anyone else get more excited for workout clothes, than regular clothing… I do.


New compression shorts, a workout shirt, and my VIBRAMS! Confession: Since receiving my Vibrams, I’ve worn them as much as possible (only walking, and mostly around the house), but they are so COMFY. If you’ve been debating to purchase them or not, do it! I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long… One more pic for my your viewing pleasure.


New workout clothing is one of the best motivators for me… so I’ll be getting crazy in the gym this week 😉

QA: what’s your morning routine? what makes your routine work so well for you? What is your biggest motivator to workout? Would you rather buy workout clothes or regular clothes?

I Didn’t Want to Wake Up!!

Good morning, friends!

Let’s be honest, who wanted to get up today? Not this girl. I couldn’t sleep well last night and I kept tossing and turning. No bueno. So at 710am I finally dragged my rear end out of bed and started the coffee pronto. Then since I had my hair washed last night (after getting it done), I didnt have to shower… SCORE. It was a quick morning of getting ready and eating breakfast:

2 Eggs + bacon bits + toast w/ spray butter + jam

Don’t you just love my paper products? I do! I ravaged Target after Xmas and got a bunch of junk I probably didn’t need for a very low price, one being paper products… It’s quite handy in the mornings when I’m trying to quickly clean up after breakfast. Nothing faster than throwing a plate into the trash!

Now, off to work! I’ve got a little interval run planned for this evening I’m excited about… for some reason, I love intervals because they go so FAST! Workouts are done in the blink of an eye. winning!

Have a great day and do something nice for someone else!! 🙂 A little bit of kindness can go a long way! 

Lazy Morning

Good morning!! Let’s just say that this morning I did get up and try to workout, but due to soreness, here is how I ended up. The gym sess. lasted a total of about 10 minutes.


Laying on the couch reading blogs and drinking coffee. Win win. And wow, my self photography really needs to improve if I’m going to make a difference in the blog world.


So, see those expensive pillows off in the corner, they are kept there because they cost $100 and I refuse to let us (BF or me) lay/sit against them. So we use the crappy pillows which are a hand-me-down to rest our heads upon! Cheap yes, but I don’t care.

In regards to morning routine, I don’t typically workout in the AM, but I’m getting my hair done tonight and sometimes you got to switch it up! But laying on the couch, drinking coffee and reading blogs is one of my typical routines… such a nice unrushed way to start the day!

Last night after I did #fitblog, which was SO FUN… I went to sleep; however, I remember BF talking to me in the middle of the night, asking me who I was talking to… whomp whomp. I’m pretty sure I was talking to myself, I’m sure it was a great convo! They always are 🙂

Alright, need to make moves and get ready for the day! Enjoy your Hump Day 😉