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True Story.

Well hello there! How did your Wednesday treat you?! Mine was crazy busy, as was yesterday, and sitting on my couch right now gulping drinking a glass of wine is the best thing ever! Last night I had to work late, so dinner (pizza and salad) was ordered in for the group:


Okay, if you are an Arlington, VA resident please go and order pizza from this place ASAP: Lost Dog Café  … Their crust is to die for, and their meat lovers pizza had large chunks of crispy bacon. I was in heaven. Okay, enough about the pizza before I start drooling.

Today was spent at work, very busy, and poor planning on my part because I didn’t pack any food, except for an apple. FAIL. I hate being unprepared. So I had to eat from the cafeteria (turkey wrap and salad), which was actually pretty good. I was scheduled to attend a kickboxing class tonight, but wasn’t sure if work was going to permit it. Once I started thinking I may not be able to go, I was getting the mindset I wasn’t going. I started talking to a coworker about not working out and they said to me, you never regret a workout.


So I hurried my rear end home and threw on my workout clothes and headed to kickboxing. I was so glad I did it!! It was such a nice release after a busy 2 days at work.

Once done with kickboxing, I went home to shower and eat some dindin (read: dinner). Dinner consisted of a can of tuna, one avocado, Mexican cheese, and lettuce:


Tuna Tacos

  • Mix 1 can of tuna and 1 avocado until smooth
  • Add s+p, onion powder
  • Scoop mix into two pieces of romaine lettuce and top with a little Mexican cheese

Pretty good for a makeshift dinner! Also, our fridge is pretty bare, which is fine since I’m heading out of town this weekend, but we’re trying to make-do with what we have.

Lastly, this week I’ve stayed off the scale, and it has made me so much happier! I think I may just have to do away with the scale for good. Remember this post where I talked about how depressing it is?  Today, Tina talked about the scale in this post, and I was right there with her! I’m over it, and I’m not being stuck to it anymore. Goodbye, Scale!!!

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Hungry Hungry Hippo.

Hiii there friends! Let me tell you… today I was hungry ALL FREAKING DAY. So annoying. I blame on it the awesome workout I had last night, which was this:

  1. .5 mile warm up at 6mph
  2. .15 mile at 8.5
  3. 2 minutes walking at 4mph
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 10 times
  5. cool down for 5 minutes at 4mph pace

This little number left me drenched, I loved it. Nothing like being completely soaked to ensure you had a great workout!

However, I do have to tell you about my *idiot* moment last night. So typically when I’m doing intervals I bring a little post it note and pen with me so I can mark off each interval when I’m done. Yesterday, I was heading down in the elevator , but didn’t realize I had my pen facing my white under armour shirt with the lid off and I was drawing all over my shirt !!!! 🙁 FAIL! I put some stain stuff on it, but it hasn’t come out yet! I’m going to try oxi clean next… any one have some good tips for getting ink out of clothing!?

Todays workout was a kickboxing class at this place! It was awesome and once again, drenched in sweat! Winning!

weight scale


On another note, I’m sick of the scale. It just makes me depressed and unmotivated. I’ve been working out fairly consistently (5-6 days a week) and eating pretty well and I’ve barely budged on that thing. On the other hand, I’m doing more strength training, but would love it if the number could go down just a little! I hate that the scale is so powerful. F-U scale.

Alright, time to catch up on reading!


I’ve been threatened by the BF that if I don’t read my magazines sometime soon they will disappear… I have a habit of letting them pile up. Whoops!

Hope you have a great night! 🙂