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Turning a New Leaf

Hi there! Hope all you beautiful people had a nice day.

Mine was pretty good, just not feeling the absolute best, but it happens and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

So tonight I was sharing with BF that I just paid my outrageous credit card bill and our convo went something like this:

me- “gah. my credit card bill is so high. I dont know why *thinking: well yes maybe I do know why*.”

BF- “what are you spending money on? Eating out?”

me- grimacing… “uh no! (not true) well maybe?”

I couldn’t really deny this, because it’s true. I end up spending a lot of money on who knows what! Oye, it’s so annoying when the 15th of each month comes. So I asked BF to keep me accountable… not in an annoying way, but in a nice loving way ūüėČ A new leaf is being turned… no more spending on things that are not needs. I’m sick of looking at my credit card statement and wanting to cry.

In other news, BF and I went to buy a few more pictures for the place this evening. We settled on a nice mirror for the dining area and a NYC skyline picture for the bedroom which I loved (see below, sorry for the camera phone pic).

It’s kind of hard to find pictures that are not overly feminine/masculine, but are still nice to look at day in and day out. BTW- if you haven’t been to Home Goods, please go ASAP. I seriously love that store, and¬†every time¬†I go in, I want to buy pretty much everything. It’s amazeballs. Go visit soon and then curse me because you will spend lots of dough (that’s kind of an oxymoron considering I was just talking about saving money, but maybe you have a rainy day fund).

As far as working out today, success!! I was up this morning at 6 and got in a good lifting¬†session! I was very¬†energized¬†which was stellar ūüôā Hope it was the same for you!

Question of the day: Who keeps you in line financially or can provide positive support?