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WIAW [What I Ate Wednesday]: 11.7.2012

Good morning to you all! Let’s get this WIAW rolling 🙂

Peas and Crayons

All meals are from Tuesday (Election Day), and the only thing missing is a handful of candy I had at work! (Dear parents, please leave your children’s candy at home, so we can maintain our good eating habits while at work 😉 )

Breakfast was coffee with coconut creamer and sugar, 2.5 pieces of turkey bacon, and 2 eggs with a sprinkle of cheese.


Lunch included Chipotle Chicken Salad and tootsie rolls! We keep tootsie rolls at work, and they are pretty low on the weight watchers points, so I typically have some after lunch.


My snack was apple slices.


Dinner was leftovers from last week of Santa Fe Chicken Casserole, wine, and leftover acorn squash with a small slab of butter and brown sugar.


Q + A: What did you eat this week?

Spectacular Views + A New Week

Happy happy Monday! What a cold morning to get the week going, I’m already wishing I was back on the mountain!

Happy birthday, Dad!

My amazing dad is 57 today! He is such a great man, and has been a role model of perseverance, trust, and love through my life. Here’s to many more years! Happy birthday, Dad! Love you lots!



This was just a glimpse of my weekend view. It was spectacular!


The weekend at Wintergreen Resort (although we stayed in a rented house) was so relaxing and lots of fun! Here’s a couple pics to sum up the weekend:


  1. Beer tasting at Devils Backbone Brewery
  2. The mass amount of meat, cheeses, dips, chips, and bread that we snacked on after our wine/beer tasting tour
  3. The two bottles of wine I bought at Wintergreen Vineyard
  4. The cool cabbage plant and Devils Backbone Brewery signage
  5. Enjoying the best pumpkin beer I’ve ever had via Devils Backbone Brewery

Work Week Meals

Since I was out of town, and driving home on Sunday, I planned out meals and grocery shopped when I got home. Here’s what we’re having this week:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Breakfast Eggs + Turkey Bacon Eggs + Turkey Bacon Eggs + Turkey Bacon Eggs + Turkey Bacon Eggs + Turkey Bacon
Lunch Chipotle Chicken Salad on lettuce with avocado Chipotle Chicken Salad on lettuce with avocado Chipotle Chicken Salad on lettuce with avocado Chipotle Chicken Salad on lettuce with avocado Chipotle Chicken Salad on lettuce with avocado
Dinner Steaks + Acorn Squash Leftovers from last week Wedding food tasting!! Open-mouthed smile Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf with Roasted Broccoli Chicken Tenders
Snacks Apples Apples Apples Apples Apples

One quick note regarding the chipotle chicken salad via Simply Scratch which you may have seen me post on instagram (julie_quinn)… go make this now! It is so delicious and a great change of pace for lunches.


When the fiancé asked me last night if I wanted to workout, I didn’t even hesitate to say no. I knew after the enjoyable weekend I had, the gym must be my friend this week! It’s all about balance right 😉

This morning I did the Monday GPP workout, and holy cow…this workout was a chest burner! Since I am new to the whole GPP workouts, I have been modifying, so the workout for me was about half of what was prescribed, and thank goodness. Overall, it felt to be back in the gym and get a good sweat in! Looking forward to a full week of workouts (and sweating).


1. How was your weekend? What’d you do?

2. What kind of meals are you eating this week?

3. What does your workouts look like this week?

Wino Weekend

Happy Friday to you all! I’m  headed up to the mountains near Charlottesville, VA for a girls weekend. Apparently this list is basically all you need for a girls weekend, according to me:


Sounds like a good weekend to me!

Lessons Learned

Last night while packing I was thinking about one lesson I wish I’d learn… mine is that stubbornness is not worth being right. So often I refuse to ‘back down’ because ‘I know I was right’… last night was a prime example of this! Hopefully the first step to being better at this is recognizing, which I do! Now to work on it. Life and learn, right?? 😉


1. what are you up to this weekend?

2. What is one lesson you wish you’d learn once and for all?

Hope you all have a smashing weekend!!

The Fix All

Pizza + Wine + Bravo = good life. Is there anything better? Let me be real with you. This week I have been exhausted… my workout, eating, and life plans didn’t go as I thought they would.

photo (7)

The BF started a new job, which I am pumped for, don’t get me wrong, but  he is working a lot. I hate it, I’m trying not to be bitter about it, but I am. It’s Friday night and he will be at work until at least 8. There are some nights where I have some work to do after the normal working hours, but I think I may be better at communicating that to him. I feel like no matter how long you’ve been together, the communication always has to be worked on or rather, you have to give each other a break. It doesn’t help that I feel exhausted. Exhaustion + annoyance rarely ends well 😉 So now I’m drinking this:

photo 2 (2)

and watching this:

photo (8)

Oye. Trying to focus on the good things 🙂

QA: How has your week been? Better or worse than you thought? How do you turn your week around when you feel down?

True Story.

Well hello there! How did your Wednesday treat you?! Mine was crazy busy, as was yesterday, and sitting on my couch right now gulping drinking a glass of wine is the best thing ever! Last night I had to work late, so dinner (pizza and salad) was ordered in for the group:


Okay, if you are an Arlington, VA resident please go and order pizza from this place ASAP: Lost Dog Café  … Their crust is to die for, and their meat lovers pizza had large chunks of crispy bacon. I was in heaven. Okay, enough about the pizza before I start drooling.

Today was spent at work, very busy, and poor planning on my part because I didn’t pack any food, except for an apple. FAIL. I hate being unprepared. So I had to eat from the cafeteria (turkey wrap and salad), which was actually pretty good. I was scheduled to attend a kickboxing class tonight, but wasn’t sure if work was going to permit it. Once I started thinking I may not be able to go, I was getting the mindset I wasn’t going. I started talking to a coworker about not working out and they said to me, you never regret a workout.


So I hurried my rear end home and threw on my workout clothes and headed to kickboxing. I was so glad I did it!! It was such a nice release after a busy 2 days at work.

Once done with kickboxing, I went home to shower and eat some dindin (read: dinner). Dinner consisted of a can of tuna, one avocado, Mexican cheese, and lettuce:


Tuna Tacos

  • Mix 1 can of tuna and 1 avocado until smooth
  • Add s+p, onion powder
  • Scoop mix into two pieces of romaine lettuce and top with a little Mexican cheese

Pretty good for a makeshift dinner! Also, our fridge is pretty bare, which is fine since I’m heading out of town this weekend, but we’re trying to make-do with what we have.

Lastly, this week I’ve stayed off the scale, and it has made me so much happier! I think I may just have to do away with the scale for good. Remember this post where I talked about how depressing it is?  Today, Tina talked about the scale in this post, and I was right there with her! I’m over it, and I’m not being stuck to it anymore. Goodbye, Scale!!!

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The Most Amazing Socks.

Good evening, friends!

Hope you’re having a great evening! After work tonight I headed to the gym and did an interval run that was quite difficult, and a few other moves (squats, sumo squats, sit ups, leg ups, push ups). Good stuff! I left the gym feeling exhausted and sweaty, just the way I like it after a workout!

I was wearing these socks today to walk to work and to workout, thus why I’m rocking the dress pants with them. SO HAWT!


In all seriousness, I got these socks from a Potomac River Running store. They are called ‘Feetures Ultra Light Cushion’ and I’m seriously in love. They are so comfy and they compress your feet (or that’s how it feels). Go buy them if you like your feet to feel compressed like I do! 😉

Onto dinner, featuring Trader Joe’s Thai Red Curry sauce (you might have seen me tweeting about it).


Wow, this stuff is delicious!! And this was probably one of the quickest dinners I’ve thrown together. When I got home from work, the BF had cut up two chicken breasts, so I cooked those up in a frying pan. In the meantime, in a large sauce pan I was cooking some stir fry veggies on high with some oil. So once the chicken and the veggies were cooked thoroughly, I simply mixed them together and dumped this sauce onto it. YUUUUM and this meal only took about 15 minutes. loves it. This will be repeated in the future.

Alright, time to spend some quality time with the most handsome man in Virginia! New NBC shows are on 🙂 and a glass of wine sounds delicious.

Have a good night!