WIAW [What I Ate Wednesday]: 7.18.2012

Good evening, all! Hope everyone had a good Wednesday!

Peas and Crayons

So here is what I had today to eat, however, a few things are missing: half of the eggs and 2 pieces of turkey bacon, 4-5 chocolate covered pretzels, a few pieces of pita chips, an apple, and a yogurt.

note to self: don’t come home and start making dinner while absolutely starving, you will eat chocolate covered pretzels ;D

Anywho! Here we go:


breakfast: egg whites with ketchup; 3 pieces of turkey bacon

lunch: roast beef wrap with lettuce, avocado, and mustard; Dannon Pure yogurt [so good]; chocolate covered pretzels

dinner: chicken fajitas; onions and peppers; avocado; cheese; lettuce

QA: What’d you eat today?


  1. Julie | 19th Jul 12

    Did you make your own chocolate covered pretzel?

  2. jessie | 20th Jul 12

    mmm i have not had a chocolate covered pretzel in so long!! your whole lunch sounds amazing!

    • Julie @ Tidbits for Today | 20th Jul 12

      I hadn’t either! I had made them for a party but didn’t end up using them so we had to eat them 🙂 thanks!

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